The best clock styles to buy to add character to your home

Time is our master to all. But the timing elements of clocks are only part of their charm.

They have become works of art in their own right, adding interest and character to a room.

‘The information is beautiful. A clock that is. It’s something moving and dynamic,” says Jo Le Gleud, co-founder of award-winning design studio Maddux Creative.

Traditional or modern: grandfather clocks are finally back in style and can really stand out in the hallway, but there are also many more contemporary styles

And we get more creative when choosing the watches we bring into our homes.

Jane Murray, home buyer at furniture store Heal, says: “Customers are opting for quirkier, more colorful designs as people rely on their phones and smart devices for practical tasks like telling the time.”

Whatever your taste, there are a plethora of different styles and types of clocks to choose from.

On the wall

Large wall clocks are a great way to fill space and grab attention. The Newgate Mr Edwards Wall Clock (£125) in gray is a good place to start.

“With a minimalist white dial and matte gray metal case, this classic mid-century design is perfect for clean-lined settings, working beautifully on its own, above a fireplace, or to break up a decorative gallery wall,” says Murray.

Graham & Green’s large yellow wall clock (£79) injects a burst of sunshine that offsets its bold black dial markings and red numerals, while Ikea’s red Pluttis timer is striking and a £5 hit ,

Vitra’s George Nelson Sunburst Wall Clock (£369) borders on art with its sculptural form and is a faithful reissue of a popular 1950s collector’s item designed by the eminent American architect.

It’s worth searching antique shops and the internet for antique pieces that can blend in brilliantly with modern interiors.

“We recently found and installed a beautiful mahogany framed 1820s round convex glass wall clock in a kitchen,” says interior designer Anna Haines. “He anchors the piece and is, of course, a ‘one off’ which is kind of special.”

Stylish: The Newgate Hollywood Hills Mantel Clock (£99) would make a stylish addition to any mantel or shelf.

Stylish: The Newgate Hollywood Hills Mantel Clock (£99) would make a stylish addition to any mantel or shelf.

The duration of the conversation

Mantel clocks may be considered old-fashioned, but there are fantastic contemporary ones.

Brown and Ginger’s Atomic Orange Flock Mantel Clock (£49) looks like something out of the Mad Hatter’s tea party. It is based on a French design from the 1750s but is totally modern thanks to its vibrant color and flocked finish.

Newgate’s Hollywood Hills Mantel Clock (£99), with its rectangular oak frame and multicolored hour markers, would make a stylish addition to any mantel or shelf.

Go back and click

There’s a utilitarian coolness to Twemco’s Series 17 Flip Clock & Calendar in black (£515).

This elaborate take on the 1956 classic is instantly recognizable and will add a designer touch to a kitchen or living room.

The Established & Sons Font Clock G100 Small (£504) is an undeniable vintage classic.

“The Font Clock’s 24-hour continuous display creates a truly nostalgic feel, while different graphic fonts give it a contemporary aesthetic, making it a timeless piece in any living space,” says Murray.

Those who want something more up to date will like QlockTwo’s Touch Black Ice Acrylic Clock (£555) – a square clock with a matrix of letters that illuminate the time in words.

Up to date: QlockTwo's Touch Black Ice Acrylic Clock is a super modern option that tells the time in words

Up to date: QlockTwo’s Touch Black Ice Acrylic Clock is a super modern option that tells the time in words

New cuckoo clocks

It’s easy to think of cuckoo clocks as the ostentatious traditional clocks that rolled out of Germany and Switzerland in the mid-19th century, but some newer ones are much less kitschy.

“Modern cuckoo clocks are a great way to add personality to your home, giving all the fun of a traditional cuckoo clock, with a contemporary, clean design,” says showroom co-founder Jane Nicholson. of House of Dome online design.

“Our collection nods to classic Swiss and Black Forest chalet style, but is minimalist and elegant for modern interiors,”

The Titti 2077 from Diamantini and Domeniconi (£228) comes in a yellow, white or pink lacquer finish and has a smart built-in light sensor, so the cuckoo clock won’t keep you awake at night.

king of clocks

With their tall stature, elaborate faces and distinctive four-bell Westminster chime, Grandfathers are the undisputed king of clocks and add a touch of class to a hallway.

Antique grandfather clocks can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but can be had for as little as £350. The Fulton Grandfather Clock from Dunelm (£200) evolves this design classic to create a clock with an open shelf and drawers.

Tiuku’s Standing Pendulum Clock (£245) is a minimalist, modern and colorful take on this much-loved design.

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