Overwhelmed by the student loan process? There is help out there


Dear Annie: I’m in my last year of high school and I’m struggling financially at the moment. I plan to go to community college, but even so, I would still have to pay $ 2,000 out of my pocket because for some reason they are having trouble viewing my FAFSA form.

I am very overwhelmed, and I don’t even know what to do now. If I quit school for a year to work and save money, it will be very difficult for me to readjust to a student’s lifestyle. If I don’t, I’ll have to take out a loan, and I don’t even know if I can afford to pay it back. I have five children to take care of (my siblings).

Is there some sort of solution to this? I know that when I am stressed and overwhelmed it is very difficult for me to see obvious answers to my problems, and I tend to think too much. I just need a few tips and advice and a little walkthrough. My whole family is counting on me to get through this educationally. So I really need a stable, well-paying job that can support a family.

I would really appreciate any help you can offer. – Embarrassed and overwhelmed

Dear embarrassed and overwhelmed: Far from being embarrassed, you should be proud. You invest in your education and start a new chapter in your life while helping to take care of your family. Don’t be dissuaded from starting school just because you feel overwhelmed with student loan applications. Navigating the student loan system can be a challenge, even for people who have done so before. It’s only natural that you need some guidance in the process. Fortunately, the Federal Student Aid Information Center exists for this purpose. Contact their hotline at 800-433-3243 for expert assistance. Well done and best wishes to you.

Give it up now

Dear Annie: I met a man about four years ago. We started dating a week after we met, at her insistence. Well after we were together a year I found out that he was texting with a girl online and had been for several months. She didn’t want him. Then, a month later, I heard that he cheated on me with someone from work who was in his twenties, the same age as his daughter. I confronted him, but he refused to admit he was guilty. However, I have caught him exchanging sex messages with a few other girls online since then. He says he has never met them in person.

Guess my question to you is, is it worth trying to keep this man in my life? I love him and he says he loves me, but part of me is no longer in love with him. If I’m being honest, I’ve been feeling this since I heard about his cheating on this young lady. What do you think, Annie? Should I put it on the sidewalk on garbage day? My heart tells me to stay, but my mind wants me to tell it to get lost. – Confused girlfriend

Dear Confused Girlfriend: Listen to your mind on this one. Not only has he cheated on you more than once (racy posts count as cheating), but he has also shown no interest in really fixing things on you. Life is short and your time is too precious to waste it on someone who doesn’t value it. Although at first it might seem difficult to live without him, eventually you will look back and wonder how you lived with him for as long as you did.

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