Muscat eighth best city in the world to relocate


Muscat has been named the 8th best city in the world to settle in, according to a new study from

The research study analyzed several factors that were taken into consideration when deciding where to move and included house prices, cost of living, average salary, and weather conditions.

The capital of the Sultanate of Oman, which ranked 8th, scored 5.40 out of 10, with Austin, the state capital of Texas, being the first in the world to relocate, taking the highest score at 6, 02 of 10.

Austin was named the city with the third best internet speed of any city in the ranking at 87.5 Mbps. Additionally, the town gets a high average temperature (20.4 ° C) and high average monthly wages of £ 3,984.

The second highest-rated city is Tokyo, Japan, which performed well for its number of restaurants and green spaces. On top of that, it has the best average life expectancy, with residents living up to 84 years old.

Charleston, South Carolina, ranked third as the best city in the world to settle in. One factor it has surpassed is internet speed, averaging 106.5 Mbps which means it’s by far the fastest of all the cities on the list.

For Muscat, the average price of a house per square meter was $ 1,867 (RO 718.75), with an average monthly salary of $ 1,899 (RO 731.07) and the cost of living per month (family of four) at $ 2,326 (RO 895.46). Basel, Switzerland has proven to be the most expensive city to move to as the annual cost of living is £ 53,748, which is more than £ 25,000 more per year than the average annual cost of living of 28 £ 716. The most affordable relocation destination is Istanbul, where the average annual cost of living is just £ 12,753. That’s £ 40,995 less per year than a move to Basel and £ 15,963 less than average.

Experts also felt that with the reopening of international travel and the now proven remote working, there are plenty of opportunities for people to move abroad and start thinking about housing and comparing mortgages.

They also mentioned that it’s not just housing to consider when moving across the world. There are also many other social and economic factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding the best city to settle in.

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