Manulife gets green light from European hedge funds


Alternative investment funds are those that can be bought and sold across the nations of the European Economic Area. These are examples of how funds can be ‘passported’, removing the need to be individually registered in specific countries, removing a layer – hopefully – of paperwork.

Manulife Investment Management has obtained regulatory clearance for its Irish entity as an alternative asset manager under European Union rules.

Authorization has been granted to Manulife Investment Management (Ireland) Limited, for what is known as an alternative investment fund manager, aka AIFM. The statute was approved on April 15. This means that private market funds can be bought and sold throughout the European Economic Area under passport rules. (The EEA countries include the member states of the European Union as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Switzerland is not a member of the EU or the EEA. The United Kingdom is not more.)

“Obtaining this license is a crucial step in further expanding the reach of our global activities in the private markets and constitutes a strategic opportunity for European investors who wish to access the diversification and the potential advantages of exposures to private assets”, Paul R Lorentz, President and CEO, Manulife Investment Management, said.

With more than € 98 billion in private market assets globally, Manulife Investment Management’s capabilities are available to institutional and high net worth clients in the private equity and credit, real estate industries. , infrastructure, forest land and agriculture.

Andrew Arnott, Head of Wealth and Asset Management, Manulife Investment Management, US & Europe, added: “According to ESMA, the European hedge fund segment is worth almost € 5.8 trillion – or 40% of the entire EU fund sector. “

Manulife Investment Management recently hired members of its team to expand its offering in the private markets. Christoph Schumacher, Global Head of Real Assets, and Alex Catterick, Global Head of High Net Worth Strategy for Private Markets, have been hired by the company to strategize and manage new product development, launch and growth. designed for investors. interested in private assets.


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