House hunting in England: living in the countryside in the Cotswolds for $ 3 million

In particularly strong demand: farms, with or without accompanying land, which are increasingly attractive to “lifestyle buyers” looking “for a piece of the countryside as they move from. city ​​life to rural life, ”Mr. Sudlow said.

At his agency’s Oxford office, which includes part of the Cotswolds, properties are receiving twice as many requests this year than they were in 2019, he said. By the end of June, the office had surpassed 2020 sales figures.

Despite growing demand, stocks in the region remain tight, said Mr. Edwards, Knight Frank’s listing agent. Homeowners “are not drawn into the market to take advantage of good sales conditions because they don’t need it or because they don’t feel like there is nowhere to be. go, ”he said.

According to the HM Land Registry, residential property prices in the Cotswolds Administrative District were flat between 2019 and 2020 and then started to rise. In July, the average price of a house in the neighborhood was 439,106 pounds sterling ($ 595,000), compared to 389,608 pounds ($ 528,000) last July and 390,932 pounds ($ 530,000) in July 2019.

For single-family homes, the growth was similar: about 13%, rising to 655,761 pounds ($ 888,000) in July, up from 577,916 pounds ($ 783,000) last July and 580,182 pounds ($ 786,000) in July. 2019. Annual growth is the region’s highest in more than a decade, according to cadastral data.

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