Best travel credit cards of November 2021: best rewards and offers


There are four types of travel rewards credit cards. Below is a description of each type.

Airline credit cards

An airline credit card is linked to an airline loyalty program, also known as a frequent flyer program. When you use an airline card, it accumulates miles in this program. You can redeem your miles for an award plane ticket. Instead of paying $ 250 for a ticket, you might be able to buy it for 25,000 miles. Airline credit cards often include additional benefits with the airline, such as free checked baggage or airport lounge access.

Resort credit cards

A hotel credit card is linked to a hotel loyalty program. When you use a resort credit card, you earn reward points in this program. You can redeem your points for reward hotel stays, for example by paying 30,000 points per night instead of $ 150 per night. Hotel credit cards also frequently offer additional benefits with the hotel chain. These can include free late check-out, elite status in the hotel’s loyalty program, or a free night each year.

Fixed rate rewards travel credit cards

A fixed rate rewards travel credit card allows you to redeem your rewards for travel cash purchases. The rewards are always worth the same amount for traveling this way. For example, if your card offers $ 0.01 per point, then 10,000 points will always be worth $ 100 when traveling. Depending on the card, you can either use your rewards as statement credit for past travel purchases, or use them on the card issuer’s travel portal to book travel, or both.

Travel credit cards with transferable rewards

A transferable rewards travel credit card allows you to send your rewards to other loyalty programs. For example, if your travel card has rewards that you can transfer to Hyatt, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines hotels, then you can send your points to one of these programs. You can then book a trip through this loyalty program using your points.


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