Best Free Checking Accounts of April 2022 – Forbes Advisor

Accounts on this list have no monthly maintenance fees, little to no minimum balance requirements, and few other fees.

To create a list of the best free checking accounts, Forbes Advisor analyzed 157 checking accounts at 66 financial institutions, including a mix of traditional banks, online banks and credit unions. We ranked each account on 17 data points in the categories of fees, customer experience, digital experience, access, and minimum requirements.

Here is the weighting assigned to each category for free current accounts:

  • Minimum: 35%
  • Fee: 30%
  • Access to branches and ATMs: 15%
  • Customer experience: 10%
  • Digital experience: 10%

Specific features considered in each category included monthly fees, the ability to waive monthly fees, overdraft fees, insufficient funds (NSF) fees, ATM fees, minimum deposit requirements and requirements. minimum balance. We also considered customer service ratings, mobile access, online access, mobile app ratings, and account availability.

Chequing accounts with zero or very low fees and low minimum requirements rank highest. To appear on this list, the current account must be available at the national level.

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