BAWAG: November 19, 2021 – Acquisition of DEPFA BANK by BAWAG Group successfully completed


VIENNA, November 19, 2021


VIENNA, November 19, 2021 – Today, the BAWAG group announces the successful completion of the acquisition of DEPFA BANK plc and its subsidiary DEPFA ACS Bank DAC, from the German FMS Wertmanagement AöR (“FMS-WM”). Following receipt of all regulatory approvals, the transaction announced in February was successfully completed.

Anas Abuzaakouk, CEO of BAWAG Group: “Today is another important step forward as we continue to implement our strategy. The acquisition of DEPFA represents an attractive and accretive capital investment opportunity. This allows us to acquire high quality, low risk assets, leverage our balance and public sector experience, and leverage our operational capabilities to execute an orderly and expedited liquidation of the Bank. ”

The DEPFA group, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, was part of Hypo Real Estate Holding AG, which was nationalized in 2009. Prior to nationalization, the DEPFA group mainly focused on the issuance of public sector covered bonds . The DEPFA group was acquired by FMS-WM in 2014 and has been in the process of ceasing its banking operations since 2009. The BAWAG group will continue to ensure an orderly liquidation of the bank building on the infrastructure and operational capacities. of the group as a whole. .


The name DEPFA is derived from Deutsche Pfandbriefbank. DEPFA provided a range of financial products to the public sector and was the issuer of Irish public sector covered bonds through its subsidiary DEPFA ACS Bank DAC. After a bailout, the German government was left with 100% ownership of DEPFA’s parent company, HRE Group in 2009. Since the government bailout, DEPFA Group management and employees have focused on management and the reduction of its public sector financial asset base. On December 19, 2014, the DEPFA group became a 100% subsidiary of the German public agency FMS Wertmanagement AöR (FMS-WM), which was established in 2010 as the liquidation institution of the Federal Republic of Germany for the nationalized group HRE. FMS-WM is under the direct control of the German Financial Market Stabilization Fund (“FMS”), which is managed by the Federal Agency for Financial Market Stabilization (“FMSA”). The DEPFA Group has not made any new commercial commitments since then. The DEPFA Group continues to preserve its capital and liquidate its portfolio in order to maintain value.

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VIENNA, November 19, 2021

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